Developing Android Apps with Kotlin

by Lyla Fujiwara ++ via

This is the best free Kotlin course to learn Android apps development and architecture. The course is developed jointly by Udacity and Google and covers modern app architecture and industry best practices. Professional Android development requires many advanced techniques like work manager setup for background processing and use of Android Jetpack components like Room for databases. This course covers it all.

The authors train you to think like a mobile developer rather than just learning the language specifications. The course is development industry pros and includes rich learning content and many interactive quizzes, you can complete the course at your own pace.

The course is divided into 10 chapters and covers basics to get started with your first Android app, layouts, App navigation, Activity and Fragment lifecycle, App UI Layer architecture, data layer architecture, recyclerView, Internet connectivity, and localization.

Institution/University: Google and Udacity
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