Django (3.0) Crash Course Tutorials | Customer Management App

by Dennis Ivy via YouTube

This free Django YouTube video tutorial is one of the best tutorial series available for free out there in the wild. In this tutorial, Dennis Ivy teaches you to create a fully functional customer management app from scratch in Django and Python. There are 24 videos that amount to around 10+ hours of total on demand video time, that you can cover on your own pace. Various topics covered in this free tutorial are as below –

  • Brief introduction of Django, Getting Started
  • Views, URLs, templates, and Inheritance in Django
  • Static files, images, models, and admin panel
  • Database queries templates manipulation and rendering
  • Dynamic URLs, CRUD operations
  • Login, Authentication, Forms, table search, filter, and more
  • Django Signals, customer profiles, emails sending, templates.
  • File storage and deployment on Heroku server

We strongly recommend this free YouTube Django video series to all beginners, given that it helps you create and deploy an application from scratch.

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