Flask Web Development: Developing Web Applications with Python

by Miguel Grinberg via Amazon

Building web applications with Flask is an absolute Breeze. In this book, author Miguel helps you take full control of your web application development in the Python Flask framework. You build the web applications as well as learn advanced techniques including data migration, APIs development, and deployment. The book is divided into three main sections –

  • Introduction to Flask – Understand the framework capabilities and features.
  • Flasky Application – build an open-source blogging application that uses CRUD with templates, pagination, rich text, and more.
  • Finishing Touches – Fine-tune and improve the application by applying unit testing strategies, performance optimization, and finally the deployment.

If books are your way to learn anything, this is the best Flask book you can get out there in the market. We recommend this to all beginners who intend to learn Flask at their own pace.

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