Python Django Web Framework – Full Free Django Tutorial for Beginners

by freeCodeCamp Instructors via FreeCodeCamp

This free Django tutorial from freeCodeCamp is a great option for beginners to learn to start building websites with the Python Django framework. The tutorial provides almost around 4h of video content at a faced pace and covers almost everything from installation of Django on Mac, PC, or Linux to hosting the website in a production environment. The course is divided into 47 chapters that include installation, basic project setup, Django models, URL routing, Django Templates, Context rendering in Template, Django forms, dynamic URL linking, validations, custom mixin, and a lot more. We recommend this tutorial to anyone with basic knowledge of Python, HTML, and CSS, given it is free, you can just go spend few minutes and decide for yourself if it suits your learning style.

Institution/University: freeCodeCamp
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